Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ) and
Surprisingly sincere answers (SSA) instead of presentation


Question: It is the first time I'm hearing about you, where did get out of?

Answer: NMR is an association offering a wide range of advertising and exhibition services, founded by proven experts with more than 20 years experience in the field of designing, creating and constructing exhibition spaces together with the complete advertising service of the customers.


Question: What lies behind the abbreviation NMR? Or it is some sort of nonsense like many others on the market?

Answer: Behind the three letters transpires the ambition of our experts to evolve, to surpass the level of their past experience in other competition companies, to prove by their new projects the originality and advantages of their innovative ideas, never accepted by now. Thus NMR – No more rules


Question: Why I should work with you instead of any of companies well-established on the market?

Answer : Because of the challenges of The New. Because of the special attention that only the small companies can afford. Becauseof the human treatment you will receive. Because of innovation  in the planning and design, hard deadlines, flexible prices, uncompromisingperformance, willingness  to  work, strive  for  success. 


Question: Do you work abroad or you are just for local consumption?

Answer: We have a lot of experience abroad, moreover we are connected with the most prestigious European exhibitions by innumerable official and personal contacts. We follow out the international exhibitions and fair`s calendar together with the new trends in our field and we have no difficulties to work anywhere. Give us the chance and we won`t disappoint you. We have already proven our competitiveness.


Question: If I engage you for my eventual exhibition participation what will be accomplish by you and what by subcontractors? How many people I will need to communicate with?

Answer: With only one - your personal assistant. He will take your order and he himself will introduce to you a fully developed, styled and equipped exhibition area? We work without subcontractors. From us you will get the pavilion project and its overall construction, fully furnished. We will arrange your transporting and accommodation problems. This method saves you not only dubiousness, but the extra cost.


Question: Is there any visual identity between all the services you offer or there are different people indiscriminately involved? 

Answer: Even if you have not ordered one, everything - from exhibition design to your keyring and sticker are made according to a preliminary general concept, prepared and supervised by our head designer. That is fully subject to your company style, brand and your other requirements. We do not leave anything to chance.


Question: Do you pick up your mobiles after 5 pm? What is exactly your work time?

Answer: We don`t have any. Your “personal assistant” is available 24/7 ! It`s the same regarding your contact with the office and the team working on the area.


Question: How`s the thing about the payment? Can you wait?

Answer: We have learned, but it is better not to overdo it. You`ll like the prices, the discounts and our payment`ll be eager to pay!


Question: For how many things you`ve lied?

NMR - try it, we will talk again!